Breath is our natural given gift.

We first receive and take our first breath at birth. It connects our Divine Spirit with our physical

Divine Nature and reminds us that we are worthy of this connection and it is available to us at any given moment. 

Breath brings alivness into our lives. It's light and free.

It connects us with our Heart, where our journey begins and ends.

I would love to invite you on this journey.

Journey of self healing, self discovery and self mastery.

Journey where life is sacred and celebrated each and every moment.   


For only Heart knows what's true.




Malgorzata Stachura                                                                                                                              

Skype Meetings

The First Step On Our Journey Is To Learn
How to Connect With Our Heart
The Last Step On Our Journey Is To Consciously Live
From The Heart
Everything In-Between Is Karma
Introducing Steps from 1 to 6

Next circle meeting:

Every Saturday at 6:00 pm CDT

via Skype:

Gosia -  https://join.skype.com/lLzogmjSH4dX

Meeting timeline:

10 min. Introduction

Breathing excercise  and/or  stretching

20 min. connecting guided meditation via mp3


Please note that it does not matter if you are

advanced in meditating or just starting,

the process is always the same

and it starts with truly connecting

with your own beautiful

Sacred Heart

About Meetings

The circle meetings are 1 hour each and consist of a 20 minute heart-based meditation,

learning one energy work techinique and talking about it. The emphasis is on sharing and

experiencing the presence of likeminded empaths, highly sensitives and energetically aware people

in the area, who share conscious living goals. Each circle provides a mixture of educating, experiencing and socializing - wonderful way to connect with others to discuss the deeper levels of our energetic perception, interaction and ego- aspects.

The format of these meetings is a mixture of meditation and study group. It is open for everybody.

Participation is free but we ask for voluntary donation for energy exchange (everyone according to their own budget).

Sacred Self- Healing Journey/ 24 Step E-Course

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